He doesn’t have a very high opinion of the news media and

Spamusement is a Web Comic whose strips (usually of the single panel variety) are all based on the subject lines of spam received by its creator Steven Frank. Given that he picks out the weirder and more incomprehensible examples of these, there is a tendency towards extreme surrealism. The members of Spamusers, formerly the Spamusement Forums, have followed this trend. (It’s a good thing they have, too; the main comic hasn’t updated since mid 2007.)Spamusement provides examples of the following tropes: Bears are Bad News: “Good morning, campers :) " Black Comedy: Plenty of it. Dada Comics Does This Remind You of Anything?: Subject lines referencing sexual topics are often deliberately misinterpreted http://jongnederlandreeshof.nl/so-with-a-view-of-above-points-it-can-be-said-that-electric/, but this panel could stand up (heh) on its own, without any context needed. Dysfunctional Family: If you die tonight, what happens to your family tomorrow A Good Name for a Rock Band: “House and the Sheds", apparently. The “Fun" in “Funeral": “HELLO ME NOT DEAD" features an annoyed Cookie Monster waking up in his coffin at his (premature) funeral. Gone Horribly Right: “Isn’t science wonderful?" Groin Attack: A Running Gag involves spam of the “use your penis as a tool" variety, showing something associated with that tool in the foreground and an ambulance in the background. Hand in the Hole: You never know what could happen! Hulk Speak: Football not good. Lampshade Hanging (on the deliberately crude art style) My Sensors Indicate You Want to Tap That: How spammers find “horny women", apparently. Our Product Sucks: The “What they’re saying about spamusement" section. Though it does end with a small note reading “Don’t worry, I also get happy emails". Product Placement: Some strips directly and openly plugged The Merch back when it was available. Rouge Angles of Satin: “MARRY CHRISTMAS" Running Gag: In addition to the tool gags above, about four comics have had a shelf of terrible software and a number of others have had a pile of cellulite or an eggplant. Cupcakes and pterodactyls are also popular. Schedule Slip: New works by Steven Frank himself are rare (the most recent comic is from 2007), so his fans, or at least fans of the concept, have provided content via the Guest Strip forum. Sexy Whatever Outfit: Subverted here. Take That!: Someone who continually spouts Monty Python quotes is beaten up and thrown out of the ambulance. He doesn’t have a very high opinion of the news media and Showgirls. Testosterone Poisoning: Are you man enough for this Unsound Effect Unusual Euphemism: The Spamusement forum’s swear filter has some very strange euphemisms for “fuck" (“fork"), “shit" (“poopcakes"), “cunt" (“tuna sandwich"), and “bullshit" (“bullhonkey"). Visual Pun: Pretty much the whole point. Worth It: Who cares if it hurts.

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