And a very powerful one at that with 3 fire modes (a rapid

Significantly downplayed in the 2013 reboot. He still has a slight accent, but otherwise speaks perfectly normal English. Katanas Are Just Better: The katana, unlike most FPS melee weapons, is incredibly powerful and will kill many enemies in one hit. As ammo went fast, it was necessary to use it most of the time. Killer Rabbit: A secret area has the original Rabbit of Caerbannog, cave and all! All the more devious because every other rabbit in the game is completely harmless, so you may not even realize what is attacking you until it’s too late. Another example: You come upon several scantily clad or nude girls. Annoy them and they’ll whip out an Uzi. Kill It with Fire: The very tough Guardians can attack Lo Wang with fireballs they shoot from their eyes and have a chance to drop their heads after they die that let’s Wang do the same to his foes. See “Off with His Head!" on it’s strengths and weaknesses. Life Meter: Percentage for the player and bars for bosses. Ludicrous Gibs: Especially when killing an enemy with explosives. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Orochi Zilla. No Cutscene Inventory Inertia: Not actual cutscenes, but no matter which weapon Lo Wang is holding or whether he has body armour or not, any mirror (and the Chase Viewnote toggled by using the F7 key in the PC version) will show him bare chested and wielding a single Uzi. No Dead Body Poops: Averted with the Sumo Demons. See Fartillery above. Nuke ‘em: The thivrd alternate fire for the missile launcher is a fucking NUKE! It deals massive amounts of damage and has an extremely large blast radius, and finishes off with fallout that sticks around for half a minute and hurts anyone near the epicenter. Off with His Head!: Bizarrely enough, it’s a weapon. And a very powerful one at that with 3 fire modes (a rapid fire stream of fire balls, a floating fireball shield, or fireballs that create pillars of fire) at the cost of only having a small ammo counter of 80 shots, its absurdly fast use of ammo, and the fact it’s a random drop from killing the very durable Guardians. Overly Long Scream: If Lo Wang is falling from a dangerous height, he will scream all the way down. Find a pit deep enough and he will actually pause for breath and then continue shouting. Piss Take Rap: Lo Wang does one in the credits. It’s actually made of various voice clips edited together and set to a hip hop beat, because the voice actor couldn’t actually rap at all. Recycled In Space: Shadow Warrior in general is Duke Nukem 3D WITH NINJAS AND ANIME! Resignations Not Accepted: Zilla sends his monsters after Lo Wang after Wang quits the corporation. Secret Level: Two of them, actually. Sequel Hook: Zilla escapes when he loses to Lo Wang. Zilla: Damn you, Lo Wang! I will rebuild and come fight you again.

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