When assembled, the wave generator forces the wall of the

Uber paid $25 million to settle a case brought by prosecutors in California this year after they found 25 drivers who passed Uber’s checks despite their criminal histories. One driver had been convicted of felony sexual exploitation of a minor. Lyft settled a case with California prosecutors and paid a smaller fine..

If you have large upper arms, you may feel self conscious in a traditional short sleeve shirt that leaves much of the arms exposed. Instead, opt for a half, three quarter or long sleeve shirt to get additional coverage for your upper arm. A half sleeve typically hits at the elbow so all of the biceps and triceps are hidden.

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1a, for a CSF 8 purchased from Harmonic Drive Systems, Inc., Tokyo, Japan. They are (1) a stiff outer spline, also called a circular spline, with internal gear teeth, (2) a thin walled flexspline with external teeth numbering two less than the outer spline, and (3) an elliptical wave generator with steel ball bearings confined in an elliptical race by a steel band. When assembled, the wave generator forces the wall of the flexspline to expand and engage the teeth of the outer spline.

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