Availability and variety of food

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Replica Stella McCartney Handbags In the Mount Blade series, you have to manage the health, morale and income of both your character and his band of companions and adventurers. Availability and variety of food, how well you handle battles or diplomacy with rivals, and how much you regularly pay your companions (the better the soldier, the higher the wage) all factors into troop morale. Additionally http://theselfconsultancy.com/2013/10/29/i-am-absolutely-amazed-by-these-individuals/, there’s also the matter of buying or acquiring better mounts, armour and weaponry throghout the course of the game, as you start alone and with humble equipment. Though the vanilla games and most of their mods simply use universal currency for recruitment, payments and rewards, some mods play around with making this more complex. For example, a well regarded mod about the War of the Ring replaced the currency with “resource points", which the player had to earn separately from each of the many factions present in the mod to purchase or recruit within their territory. Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Hermes Birkin Tropes Anguished Declaration of Love: Nurse Chapel makes one for Spock. Broken Tears: Spock loses all control over his emotions. Clothing Damage: A bizarre instance; it’s already been established that hyposprays can be used to inject people through their clothing, and even if they did need to be used on bare skin, McCoy could have just injected Kirk on the neck (which isn’t covered by his uniform), or have him roll up his sleeve. Instead, for absolutely no explicable reason, McCoy tears open Kirk’s uniform at the shoulder in order to inject him. Curtain Clothing: The environmental suits were made from Art Deco shower curtains. Cute, but Cacophonic: Lt. Riley. “I’ll take you hoooome Kathleeeeeeen!" Death by Despair: A Red Shirt tries to commit suicide, is stopped before he seriously hurt himself, then dies anyway because he can’t summon the will to fight off the minor infection of the wound. Decontamination Chamber: The transporter room is shown to have the ability to decontaminate the outside of isolation suits with some sort(s) of radiation. Denied Food as Punishment: Riley tells Uhura she can’t have ice cream because she interrupted his song. Driven to Suicide: Joe Tormolen, who laments that humanity doesn’t belong in space, stabs himself, and then despite receiving prompt medical attention, loses the will to live. Drunken Song: Riley sings an “ancient Irish favorite." Early Installment Weirdness: Lampshaded. Lt. Riley claims that Sulu’s interest in botany in “The Man Trap" was one of his weekly fads. This week it’s fencing. They’re still working through Spock’s mannerisms by this time. When he nerve pinches Sulu, he says to the security guards, “Take D’Artagnan here to Sickbay." The opening Captain’s Log doesn’t include a Stardate, though the subsequent log after the opening credits does. Everybody Must Get Stoned: A disease makes everyone get progressively drunker. Get Ahold Of Yourself Man: Kirk attempts to slap Spock back into a steady state of mind. All it does is get Spock mad enough to slap him back, with enough force that he goes flying across the table Replica Hermes Birkin.



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