There are suckers on their tentacle arms

Something about these animals is just plain alien. Few Earth natives can lay claim to having anything like Bizarre Alien Biology, but cephalopods have a strong claim to it they have two gill hearts, one systemic heart, and blue blood. They are invertebrates without carapaces, yet unlike worms and their mollusc kin such as snails and clams, they move with purpose and have large, staring eyes with Hellish Pupils. There are suckers on their tentacle arms, and a few species like the colossal squid have hooks.

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Hermes Birkin replica All the recent GoSmokies photo posts about Elkmont’s Troll Bridge have aroused my curiosity. How is it I have photographed the Smokies the past 40 years without having once seen, or even heard, about the Troll Bridge? Especially since I may be related to the original troll who lived under the bridge! Well, I hope to rectify the situation this weekend when the wife and I go on a quest to find and photograph this iconic structure and pay homage to my ancestors. So if you should happen to encounter a couple of photographers running around making images of the bridge from every angle, don’t be too surprised if the guy with the tripod jokingly suggests that you look appetizing. I will just be living up to my heritage! And you can bet I will be keeping a sharp eye out for any Billy Goats wandering nearby. Hermes Birkin replica

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